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DXFV is a DXF file viewer compatible with Autocad v12 dxf files. You can use it to view, pan, zoom and take accurate measurements using snap to end or intersection.
DXFV is compatible with:  Psion series 5, 5mx, 7, Psion REVO, Ericsson MC218, and compatible PDAs
With the DXFV on site view and comparison with the drawings becomes easy. No need to carry tons of drawings from your office and taking measurements using rulers! You can just move your dxf files to your EPOC PDA, or even receive them via e-mail, and you are ready to overhaul the site!

Main features of DXFV:

  • Full zoom in/ out/ extents capabilities.
  • Pan.
  • Layer activation/ deactivation.
  • Accurate dimensioning with
  • Snap to end/ intersection or no snap.
New in version 1.20:
  • REVO compatibility.
  • Dimensioning accuracy control.
  • Zoom in/out control.
  • Faster screen drawing.
Download a 60 days evaluation copy of DXFV and forget the paper mess and the inaccurate measurements! 

Below you can see some screenshot of DXFV with some drawings (screenshots from EPOC emulator).



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