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Frequently asked questions about DXFV.
1) How big DXF files can be viewed with DXFV?
DXFV does not have any limitation to the size of the DXF file which can be viewed. In our tests we use DXF files with sizes from 500 Kbytes up several Mbytes, and in all cases DXFV works smoothly without significant performance degradation.

2) DXFV works on Nokia 9210?
No, right now there is no Nokia version available.

3) Which files are compatible with DXFV?
DXFV can present dxf files compatible with AutoCAD V12 specification
If you are using ANY VERSION of AutoCAD select File->Export... and then select 'Save as type: AutoCAD R12/LT2 DXF'. 
If you are using another program which can export data in dxf format, read the documentation of your program. In most cases when the dxf version is not mentioned, then it will be the AutoCAD V12 (it is a de facto standard).

4) When I transfer DXF files via the serial connection should I select CONVERT or NOT CONVERT in the pop up window?
You must select NOT CONVERT (JUST COPY).

5) Can I receive DXF files as e-mail attachments and view them 
with DXFV?
Yes, DXFV support MIME.


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