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Download DXFV 2.4 for PALM OS.
DXFV is compatible with PALM OS (4.1 and higher) PDAs and Smarphones, with CF/SD cards or Memory Stick.
From this page you can download an evaluation version of DXFV 2.4 for PALM OS. The zoom functions of the evaluation version will be disabled if the dxf file you open with DXFV is larger that 350 Kbytes. Also the snap to middle function is disabled in the evaluation version. By registering DXFV these limitations will be deactivated. DXFV evaluation copy should not be used after 30 days of its initial installation.

You can download DXFV 2.4 for PALM OS as a zip file be pressing here.

Instructions for installation:

Save the zip file to a directory in your PC, and unzip it.

Read carefully the End User License Agreement (EULA.txt). If you agree with the terms of the EULA, install dxfv.prc to your PDA.



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